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Re: [TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe

Joe Mastroianni wrote:

Using the water pipe as a grounding electrode hasn't been usable as
the sole grounding means for quite a while.

I believe you.  Perhaps my water pipes are grounded because they want
the water pipes grounded, and not because it's serving as a ground?
Or perhaps because my home was built in the 40's they're
grandfathering it in?  Though you would have thought the inspector
would have said something when I did the service entrance upgrade.

Yes, the code allows existing installations to remain. And, the current reason for bonding water pipes to the ground is so that the pipes (wherever they are) remain at ground potential. (that is, rather than the pipes serving as the ground, they are just grounded).

The other thing is that the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) (e.g. the building inspector) has the final say in any case. The utility (PG&E) doesn't care.

Yep.. Shouldn't be using the electrical safety (green wire) ground
as a Tesla coil RF ground.  the two should be connected (bonded in
code-speak), but you shouldn't be expecting any current to flow in
the safety ground wiring.

And how.  This was just evil to my household appliances.  I'm not
sure how some people get away with it with no damage.  Perhaps their
coils are well tuned.

It has nothing to do with state of tune.. It's all about where the currents flow, which for the most part is determined by physically where the various wires go, relative to the TC. If the TC puts current in the wire, then you've got a problem.

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