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[TCML] Secondary winder - winding on 6" schedule 40


Interesting issues with trying to use a smooth 1/4" stainless rod (4' long) to spin the coil form.   
Cut 4 6' circles from some plywood, cut 1/4" holes in the center, and spaced them along the rod, then slid the PVC over those.   Put 2 squares of plywood over those.  Squeezed the whole thing in a furniture clamp, and then tightened some 1/4" collars down with the whole thing squeezed.

I used one of my lathe dogs to turn the whole thing, because the torque from the rod wasn't enough and everything kept loosening up.

I had previously used a 4' long threaded rod to wind my last secondary.  This allowed me to tighten down on the wood squeezing in on the secondary using bolts and lock washers.  However, the threaded rod did not spin smoothly through the needle bearings I was using to support the rod though the uprights.  So I switched back to the smooth rod.

Some other things I noticed - 

 - Yes, spinning at about 70 RPM with a non-speed adjustable induction motor is pretty fast for a 6" primary, and I imagine it's super fast for an 8" primary.  I'm going to have to think of another motor system for going to larger diameters. No problem at all for the 4".   

 -  But the thing I did like was the induction motor torque.  It was pretty unstoppable, which came in handy for tensioning.

I have some sewing machine motors I was going to try out for my next attempt at a winder, but there I'm going to have to use some gearing to get the torque I need.


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