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Re: [TCML] Scoping Quench

Perfect single-notch quenching gives a little better
spark performance results than second or third notch
quenching.The reason must be losses in the primary
circuit.This is probably true for both SGTCs and SSTCs
(like G.Leyh twin solid state system).
It appears that ,in most of the cases,tighter couplings 
(k~0.2) will give better results than lose couplings 
(k~0.1), given the same notch quenching .
Problem with tighter couplings is to secure secondary 
structure from racing sparks and flashovers however.


--- bert.hickman@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I also agree with John - "perfect" single-notch quenching is not 
essential to obtain excellent coil performance. A given spark gap coil 
will show considerable quenching variation based upon the operating 
power level, degree of streamer loading, coupling coefficient, etc. 

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