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[TCML] can you help my son and i with this Please

 Vary impressive    stuff here   Wow  .
>     May i ask for pointers in making one of these  ,  have wanted to for 20 years  , well i have
> wife now  and  a  10 inch pvc tube   . but thats  all  i have   ,  my son is 14  and wants to build
> one with me  .     i can maybe buy one piece at a time  every other payday  maybe .      Is there
> any change you can help me with  direction and size  on the build .               not sure how to
> connect 2 neon  transformers together  eather .      also  i Humbly ask  are there any parts you
> could donate to help us build one .   any tansformers or a rotary spark gap , caps ?  was thinking 
> about using one or 15000v 60 Ma ,  but think  with with the size of pipe  i sholud use  2  what do 
> you think .    Sinerly   Your Friend      Eric A Knutson 

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