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Re: [TCML] can you help my son and i with this Please

xjimlux wrote:

Ooh. I wouldn't do the "bolt gap" even though you see it in lots of
beginner designs.  It gets hot, it's hard to adjust, etc.  Better to
do the 3 pieces of copper pipe in parallel gap. 1/2" or 3/4"
couplings, or just 2" long pieces cut off the end of a piece of pipe
with a tubing cutter work just fine.

Of course the pipe is better. For the guy watching his pennies, the bolts are fine to start out with (they comprised my first gap).

When he gets a couple more dollars, he can upgrade his gap.

That would be a lot of scrounging.. when you're down in that
territory, the little stuff like bolts and wire nuts adds up.

Hence my suggestions. Simple and dirt cheap gets him a coil that can be upgraded when time/desire/money are in better supply.

There is a fellow here who built a coil shooting out four foot streamers for free. Twenty bucks gets you a fine coil without a whole lot of scrounging effort.


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