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Re: [TCML] Pig based coil design.

Hey Jim....

I will step in and make my claim   :)

When I set up my first 8" coil on a single 14.4KV piggie ( 10 KVA unit) pulling 35-50 amps, I had a single gap air blown unit... hey it was quick n easy to make.. it was basically 2 tungsten carbide tig rods inside of a semi squashed PVC pipe ( mashed it for air flow and gap distance) worked okay but at higher amperage, it threw out an impressive 3-4" arc above the tube. which by the way rapidly did a melt job on the PVC tube. It would darken and then char the inside of the tube within minutes, once charred the gap wouldnt work but still conduct thru the carbon inside the tube. After several rebuilds, I went to SRSG.

Scot D

Jim Mora wrote:

Hi Gary,

Free PVC is good, your advice on spark gaps is less desirable. I had a blown
gap on my 8" coil that worked very well. I would think things would tend to
melt down @ 12KW with your gap style. Can anyone second this claim?

Jim Mora

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