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[TCML] My first tesla coil


I am new to tesla coiling and this website


is my brief documentation and picture review of my first tesla coil.   

Made extensive use of DeepFriedNeon.com for constructing the details, and other websited for ideas, tips and information and safety.   

My only question I have is a 9000 V 30mA coil is supposed to put out 23" sparks/streamers, but I am getting maybe half that at most.  Tuning the primary coil to 6 or 8 turns stops any streamers, and anywhere in the 7th ring, especially 7 on the mark, seems to be it's max. - you can even hear it in the way the spark gap purrs more evenly and loudly.       

Links to videos  are also on the sight.    Feedback much welcome as this is my first coil.

Thanks to the coil community for all the input. 

BTW I also make some props as a hobby, and while I was doing the coil, I also built the Warehouse 13 Tesla unit:



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