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Re: [TCML] Twin coils primary lead design

Pic's of my audio cable twin primary lead system:


From the dimensions given in the first link, I calculate for the cable of
length 1.87m, approximately:

L = 1.4uH  ; C = 94pF  ;  Rrf = ???
(my LCR meter is currently not available)

Cheers, Kurt

Peter Terren wrote:
Excellent craftsmanship and write up. Far better than anything I have
ever done.  I had wondered about that HiFi cable although the ones I
had seen were a lot of "fluff" with big insulation and connectors but
only a small amount of copper.
It is good to see real data on the inductance of the lead in of twin
cable. I found the parallel connection to be better than the serial
one as well. My other source of inductance is that 4 boards of the
SISG are about 2 feet long. Perhaps I should put these inside a coax.
Hopefully, zig-zagging the current path will minimise this without
compromising cooling.
Peter www.tesladownunder.com

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From: "Kurt Schraner" <k.schraner@xxxxxxxxxx>

I'm running my little twin UBTT:


with heavy gauge (10mm^2 cross section) ultraflexible car-loudspeaker
cable (the one HiFi-Freaks are using) as connecting line between the
2 primaries. This parallel-line cable can easily take the primary
voltage stress, and keeps the cross-sectional area of the  of the
current loop in the primary low, in order to have low stray
inductance. In my example:
The seriesed primaries have a total inductance of 23.2uH, of which
the cable was responsible for about Lcable=2.6uH(Ccable=88pF). This
was when I used a "T" for the feeder (unfavorable), which was later
corrected to a shorter, direct "---" connecting parallel-line
Data with the "T" are in the above report PDF on page 22/23.

I can make Pic's of the primary lead system, if desired.


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