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Re: [TCML] Tesla motors

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> Subject: Re: [TCML] Tesla motors
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>     Very interesting. 
> Does the owner know the history of those motors 
> [single phase, poly phase, or at least one of each?]? 
> If polyphase how 
> many phases? How can he prove they were made by
> Tesla?  Were they 
> experimental units?  It would be really interesting to
> see the 
> nameplates, if any; the oldest Tesla nameplate I've seen is
> the one the 
> generator plate from Niagra Falls which Smithsonian has [or
> at least use 
> to have] in its display of Edison stuff..  Do you mean
> to imply that 
> there are also DC motors made by Tesla?  That's
> something new to me.
Going back to 2002 records I found an interesting thing with coordinated use of a DC motor to drive the arc interruptor, used in embodiment 2 of the patent, with my past comments following...
Actual patent in pdf should be accessible as
What Tesla has here is a DC generator used to make high voltage,
high frequency. This was in 1896,perhaps before the more refined
methods in patents in 1897 onwards that actually used a AC generator.

Essentially what Tesla seems to be doing in this patent is to use the process of a DC induction arc as the substitute for an AC high voltage transformer to cause the rf bursts on the tesla primary. Embodiment 2 is especially interesting in light of the fact that the DC power to the motor driving the rotary arc gap is interupted to create the arc itself. This seems rather ingenious.

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