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[TCML] Allanson GFI question

Hi -This is my first posting to this list.  I have a 15/60 Allanson NST (Cat # 1560FPX120) that has GFI protection.  This afternoon, I depotted the front compartment and removed the GFI module.  I had downloaded some schematics of Allanson GFI's, but my module is not of the same configuration, so the diagrams don't help.  There are three wires leading  from the GFI module into the main compartment.  Two of them are obviously the primary leads - they are heavier gauge (14 AWG I'd say), and test positive for continuity.  However, I'm not sure what the third wire is.  It is white and smaller gauge than the other two.  The terminal where it connects to the GFI is labeled "ORG, and leads to the shutoff relay.  Anybody know what I should do with this wire?  I'm thinking cap it off, but I wasn't sure.Thanks, 


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