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Re: [TCML] Soldering SISG heat sinks

I don't think you have to solder the heatsinks to the board.
I didn't. It was a tight fit as it was. Those things aren't going anywhere. I wouldn't worry about it.

Dan K.

Johnson, Bob G. wrote:
Thanks Scott....
Pretty much what I was afraid of....  Did use thermally conductive
grease when mounting the IGBT's so all the heat would go right into the

I guess I should have soldered the heat sinks to the board first and
then mounted the other components....;- (
Right now the heat sinks are held in place by the mounting screw on the
IGBT so there is no problem with them coming loose...  Guess at this
point it would be best to just leave them alone....

Much appreciate the help!

Best Regards,
Bob Johnson

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Hey Bob... In most cases, the chip is in contact with the heatsink via a heat conductive paste and a nut and screw(depending on application, sometimes

it needs to be electrically insulated via a mica film and bushings/inserts). soldering level temperatures(600-700degrees F) can damage the chips....

Scot D

Johnson, Bob G. wrote:

Hi Guys,

Really feel pretty stupid asking this but not sure where else I can
go....;- (
Have built 4 of Mark Dunns awesome SISG boards and am having an awful
time trying to solder the heat sinks to the board....  Is there a trick
to this besides getting some huge wattage soldering iron?  Pads and
sink posts are clean and am using a flux pen for the flux....  Would I
put the components at risk if I don't solder these down? Any thoughts would be most welcome.....
Best Regards,
Bob Johnson

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