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Re: [TCML] Open Day with big TC

Real interesting demos Peter.  I'm sure everyone enjoyed it a lot.

I also have an online 14 minute long video of our annual Tesla Fest.

It is at www.vimeo.com  (that's vimeo not video), then type in Lightning on
the Lawn 2008.

Best regards,

Dr. Resonance

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Peter Terren <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I had an open day attended by 70-80 people. While not a true Teslathon, the
> highlight was the 18 inch Tesla coil show. That segment started with a demo
> of sparks onto a fluoro, burning a string of CD's, burning some wood held in
> my hand and the popular Dalek cage.  After that everyone got the chance to
> have their pic taken under a firing TC so there were about 30 shots of this.
> I used a long exposure of 5 seconds. Initially the flash goes off to catch
> the people under the TC whic is off. They then run away and I run to turn
> the TC on for about a second. It's a nice effect and very popular with kids
> of all ages.
> I also had about 50 of my other projects on display.
> Details and pics here.
> http://tesladownunder.com/Tesla%20display.htm#Open08
> Peter
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