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Re: [TCML] Choosing a Cap Size

I wrote:
0.1uF is running at 1.3 x Cres STR, so slight resonant charging is occurring.
Just so I don't confuse anyone in "my" thought processes:

I am accustomed to ratio's of Cp size "above" Cres. For STR, I put them on the same playing field. 0.1uF is really (1/1.3) x STR. I am simply adapted to thinking about resonant charging from a process of 1.2 x Cres, 1.4 x Cres, etc. and the associated waveforms dictating the amount of resonant charging occurring. So I mentally invert the STR case to keep the charging waveforms in my head realistic, and sometimes I "type" my replies about Cp ratios in this thought process as I did above. Thus, 1.3 x Cres STR = 0.78 x Cres.

Sorry if I confused anyone.
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