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[TCML] Choosing a Cap Size

Hi All,

I am about ready to start adapting my coil to run with pig power, but
I have a question regarding the size of Cp.  The "rules" for finding a
cap size for for a NST are pretty well defined, but I'm having a hard
time figuring out what to use on a pole pig coil.

What parameters are used in finding the optimal Cp?  Should I use the
transformer's ratings, or the actual power I'll be running it at? (ie.
it is a 10 kva pig, but I'll most likely run it between 2 and 5 kva)
I'd like to go STR to save on cash, but how low can I go while still
maintaining decent spark length?  I will be running a blower gap, and
moving to ASRSG as time and money permits.

Thanks for any advice,
Michael Robinson, KE7AQL
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