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[TCML] Javatc updated to version 11.9

Hi All,

I made a small (tiny) little update to Javatc. Jay Howson told us on the TCML about entering inputs into an RSG and getting nothing when he Calculated. I have simply added some validation messages into the RSG and Static Gap areas in the event the user is simply looking at gap data and nothing else. So, if a value is entered in the either the static or rotary gap areas and calculated, messages will pop up with required data to be entered. In the gap sections, I need the transformer information and a tank cap value (which is entered up in the primary section). So the validations just let the user know what is needed to properly calc the section desired. No changes to any calculations were made. So this is very minor and really no need to download the latest pc version unless you desire this feature.

Also, I made mention in a TCML post recently that my Firefox 3 was not working with the VI Distribution calculations (locking up my computer). Today I ran Firefox version 3.03 on an Xp system and it ran fine. So it's not the browser. It may be the combination of Windows Vista and Firefox 3.03 or possibly I just need to dump my java and Firefox and reinstall them.

If anyone happens to be running Firefox 3 (or better) and running Vista, I would be grateful if you loaded the online demo coil of Javatc and went down and clicked the "Run Current and Voltage Distribution" button and then let me know if it worked or if it locked up your computer? I know, a lot to ask. If it locks up, a 3 finger salute and you can end the task of Firefox which does bring the computer back. This particular analysis will take 1 to 2 minutes to run, but if 5 minutes have gone by, it's locked into a loop.

Take care,
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