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Re: [TCML] disregard java TC

Hi Jay,

Difficult to know what you actually did with inputs or if the page simply was not completely loaded before typing inside the inputs. If you find anything quirky, go ahead and email me directly with a full description of what you were attempting and how. Part of the not so nice thing about Javatc is the fact that it is run on different browsers, browser flavors, and the browser controls the interpretation and execution of the code ultimately. My email is bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I found a problem today with the latest Firefox. It runs Javatc fine (and fast), but it locks up the computer when VI analysis are run. Works slower but fine in IE. It worked fine in Firefox before the latest upgrade. So, we are always pawns in the hands of our browsers, platforms, etc..

Anyway, if further troubles, email me direct.
Take care,

jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sorry guys I finished typing the previous e-mail and decided to try one more time before giving up and it worked.
wonder why it was giving me trouble before.

-------------- Original message -------------- From: jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx
This is directed to the person who operates JAVA TC.
I was just trying to use java tc to help me with some rotary spark gap stuff.  But when I click calculate in the rotary spark gap section nothing happens..i also tried the static gap section and the transformer section and nothing happened in any. aftr i input some values of course.
the regular java tc seems to work fine though.
any ideas?

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