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Re: [TCML] Choosing a Cap Size

Hi Michael,

Comments interspersed below:

> What parameters are used in finding the optimal Cp?
Most pig coilers opt for STR primary C and run at a
relatively high BPS to process the high power levels
while keeping the physical size of the primary cap prac-
tical and sain.

Should I use the
transformer's ratings, or the actual power I'll be running it at? (ie.
it is a 10 kva pig, but I'll most likely run it between 2 and 5 kva)

Why limit your available power so much? Limiting a 10 kVA
pig to < 5 kVA output is akin to using a pack mule to move
toothpicks - one at a time! Pole pigs can easily run 2 to 3
times their nameplate rating for the relatively short runs of
coil firing with no ill effects. Ok, maybe I exagerrated a
bit with the pack mule/toothpick analogy, but I think you
get the point ;^)

I'd like to go STR to save on cash, but how low can I go while still
maintaining decent spark length?  I will be running a blower gap, and
moving to ASRSG as time and money permits.

I'm not too sure what the practical lower limits of primary C vs. trans-
former kVA rating is but I'll bet Bart's Java TC could make a pretty "educated guess" :^) "I" use a .1 uFd primary cap with my Green Mon-
ster Tesla coil system along with a 10 kVA pig and an ARSG that seems
to "like" running around 350 BPS and get decent results :^)


Thanks for any advice,
Michael Robinson, KE7AQL

David Rieben
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