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Re: [TCML] High Voltage Bushings - Update!

Hi all,

A quick progress report on the HV  bushings. I have them cleaned up and 
sorted out and I'm trying to fill  everyone's order with what I have on hand. In 
some cases I'll have to see if I  can substitute a second choice for what you 
wanted, or I may have to limit the  quantity of some orders so that everyone can 
receive some. 

Most of the  insulators are in pretty good shape, but they have been lying on 
the floor in  piles for who knows how long in an abandoned power plant. I 
ultrasonically  cleaned them in a hospital sized unit and the glazed portion of 
the insulators  cleaned up pretty well, but the unglazed lower parts on some 
pieces may be  discolored or stained. Normally, this part is not exposed anyway. 
There may also  be some very minor nicks or scratches on a few, but I won't 
send anything that  doesn't look nice. 

I plan to go back early next week and see if I can  get some more, so if you 
aren't in a hurry, I might be able to fill all orders.  Here's a list of the 
people who have placed an order, in the order I received  them, after the 
pictures were posted:

Phillip Slawinski
Chris  Walton
Bob Arenella
Jason ?
Steve Date
David Rieben
Scott  ?
David Speck, MD
Phil LaBudde

I'll be contacting each  of you off list as I'm able to pack and weigh your 
order and figure up the  total. I will also ask some of you about making a 
substitution, or seeing if you  want to wait until I try to get some more. Keep in 
mind that these things weigh  about 6 pounds each, plus packing, and shipping 
will be by the US Post  Office.

Tony Greer  

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