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Re: [TCML] High Voltage Bushings - Update!

Hi All,

As of right now, I have  completely sold out of pig ears, but plan to go back 
and get more. I will be  contacting everyone in the near future who has 
ordered some, and I'll let you  know the total cost. For some of the orders, I'll 
have to suggest a second  choice or let you know if an item isn't available. If 
I can get some more, I'll  post an update and a link to more pictures of 
what's available. 

I had no  idea so many of you wanted pig ears, but it's my pleasure to 
"redistribute the  wealth" on a find like this. Please bear withe me for a few days 
while I figure  all of this out and contact you one by one, in the order that 
I received your  emails _after_ the pictures were put online.

A note about overseas  shipping...

These things are really heavy, and would cost much more to  ship than they 
are worth, but if you absolutely, positively have to have some,  knowing that 
the packing and shipping will be MUCH higher, then please contact  me again off 
list AFTER I post a link to the new pictures. As of now, I'm SOLD  OUT!

Thanks to everyone,

Tony Greer  

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