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RE: [TCML] Meters (was Variac)

So I can use the volt meter with any current
and the ammeter with any voltage

If thats right...thats what I thought before the ebay guy confused me..


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> I changed the Subject to "Meters", as that's what this is really about. 
> Voltmeters are not at all aware of or rated for the load current, or power. It 
> doesn't matter to them, they're not even capable of sensing that. I'm not sure 
> in what context the eBay unit you mentioned was for use "in the ma level". It's 
> possible that this was the load current that the _meter_ draws, unrelated to how 
> much your Variac load (coil) draws, but this is usually insignificant and a 
> don't-care. 
> Similarly, a current meter is unaware of and doesn't care what voltage the power 
> supply is providing. 
> Only in a Wattmeter, a 4-terminal device, is power (the product of both voltage 
> and current) relevant. 
> Regards, Gary Lau 
> MA, USA 
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> > Sweet thanks for the help. I guess my question is really how do I determin 
> how 
> > much power such a meter would be able to handle. all the web sites i found 
> just list 
> > what voltage its good for and not what current or power. 
> > 
> > Like if if got a regular old volt meter 0-150 AC what current could I use it 
> with. the 
> > one i was going to get on ebay i found out from the seller to be rated for 
> 150v but 
> > only in the ma level. well thats no good for my TC variac. 
> > 
> > I do like what you said about the ""circular" transformer" thing . Is that 
> like a toroid 
> > core type set up. 
> > anyone try to make one of these before. 
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