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RE: [TCML] Meters (was Variac)

> So I can use the volt meter with any current
> and the ammeter with any voltage

> If thats right...
    sorta mostly usually, but sometimes.

>thats what I thought before the ebay guy confused me..
    'the devil is in the details'.
    For usual voltages/currents that usually true.
    This Group deals with unusual, sometimes.....
    For use in '100s volts range', usually OK.

    Voltmeters, usually, the 'burden'/'input impedance'
    is such that the load the present is not important.

    Ammeters DO have a voltage drop across them, which
    which can, tho uncommonly, affect use.

    One issue which CAN show up in coiling:
     ammeters have, de facto, a voltage rating, set by
     the internal insulation, plastic case, etc.  In normalish
     use usually fine.  If used in HV (Tesla primary)
     circuits the voltages can exceed the ammeter
    Same same is an issue in other HV metering applications.


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