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Re: [TCML] High Voltage Bushings - Update!

Hi All,
Well, I've had quite a run on pig ears already! I will try to fill as many  
orders as I can, going in the order I received the requests, but I may have  to 
limit or offer a substitute on some multiple orders so that everyone gets  
something that they can use. If I can't fill everyone's order now, I can go back 
 and buy a few more. I'm not sure exactly what all is left that isn't broken, 
but  there are quite a few still there. They are all in one big pile so I 
have  to sort through them and look for chips and cracks and missing hardware. 
I'll be getting back personally with each of you who emailed me with a  
request to buy some as soon as I can, but please be patient. It might take a few  
days to sort everything out, clean it up and figure out who gets what. If I run 
 out before everyone gets what they want, I'll go back and see what's left. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the inside of the power plant. It's  amazing 
to watch these mighty diesel generators slowly being dismantled so that  
their inner workings can be seen, but it's a sad ending watching them be torn  
apart and sold for scrap. At least the materials will be recycled into new  
products and not just wasted. I'll try to take some more pix if you would like  to 
see what's going on over there.
Tony Greer
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