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Re: [TCML] Rotory STATIC Gap

Hey Gary...

The SRSG is running on the BIGPIG system ( 33KV piggie with 200KV rated caps, actually 4-50KV caps in series) JavaTC rates a 2.2" gap in static gap mode to be equal to about 48KV arc voltage, quite easily done within the realms of my system. As soon as I figure out how and where to post pictures of the gap I will do so, unless someone has knowledge of an easy way to do it without me having to sign up to or join some system to do so.

Scot D

Lau, Gary wrote:

Hi Scot,

If you're seeing the spark gap jump anything remotely like 2.2 inches, your coil components (cap and NST?) are not long for this world.  That length indicates that the cap is charging to a MUCH too high voltage.  Any rotary gap, sync or not, needs to have a properly spaced static gap in parallel with it, so that it fires before the voltage gets out of hand and things start going poof.

I'm having trouble visualizing your setup, so it would help a huge amount if you could post some photos.

Also, please be consistent in the use of the word "static".  Your RSG has rotating electrodes, and it has stationary electrodes.  When you say that it has static electrodes, or operating in static mode, I'm not sure what you're referring to.

Regards, Gary Lau

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