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Re: [TCML] High Voltage Bushings - Update!

Hey y'all,

I got the bushings unloaded, sorted and pix taken tonight  for all to see at 
this  location:


I have already  been contacted by about 10 people on this list that are 
interested in these, so  I'll give you guys first choice. Take a look at what I 
have listed so far and  let me know what you want.

There are several different styles and sizes  available, but they are all 
pretty close to the same size. Most all of them came  with the terminal hardware 
and mounting plates, and I scored a big box of  miscellaneous hardware that 
should supply the ones that are missing some parts.  There are also a limited 
amount of low voltage bushings with (and without)  hardware. 

The dimensions given are the approximate length of the  porcelain only, and 
the major diameter of the insulator. Some are gray, some are  brown and some 
are white, and I've listed how many of each is available under  each picture. 
Most all are large pig ears sold in pairs for $10.00 per pair plus  shipping. I 
have a few that don't match and I'll also sell those singles for  $7.50 each 
if you need only one. I'll take check, money order or PayPal.  (Contact me for 
my address or PayPal instructions) Also, all trades will be  considered! 

Tony Greer
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