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Primary coils should be wired in parallel with phase shifted to produce 4kV and cores connected (and earthed). Preferably MOTs should be placed in sealed metal container filled with mineral or other transformer oil.


jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
ok. I just wasn't sure if there were any benifits to disconnecting it from the core. i am assuming that to run 2 together to get about 4kv i should connect the cores together. giving me 2 HV outs. should I connect the primary's in series or parallel. i already know about how to match the phase by reversing a primary input in necessary.
Before i do that though i have to find a way to put these in oil.  any suggections for a container that could be sealed up nicely. with the help of epoxy or something else.

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Should what be removed? Do you mean remove the HV winding, or remove the core connection? Regardless, don't remove either one of them. Just leave the MOT alone and take your HV off the single HV lug. This worked for the magnetron tube supply in the oven, and it will work for you too. The return path is through chassis ground to the MOT core. A picture is worth 1000 words, so see my MOT schematic: http://hot-streamer.com/greg/MOT_chat.htm No need to re-engineer your MOTs. They can drive your vacuum tube or tubes just as they are. Greg

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From: jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: [TCML] MOTS To: "Tesla Coil Mailing List" Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 3:04 PM ok. so leave everything alone. sounds good to me. What is the best way to connect everything together for TC use? I noticed that one of the HV windings is connected to the core. should that be removed. thanks, Jay Howson

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