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Re: [TCML] High Voltage Bushings - Update!

Hi all,

Concerning the high voltage  bushings from the old power plant being torn 
down, I finally got back over there  today and talked to the salvage operations 
manager. He had planned to put them  on eBay so I didn't get them for free, but 
I did get a good deal on all I could  fit into the back of my Jeep. I brought 
back probably 30 or 40 "pig ears" and  several low voltage porcelain 
bushings, most of them including the wiring and  mounting hardware. I haven't had time 
to unload and photograph them yet, but  I'll post a link to a page of photos 
and descriptions as soon as I  can.

Several of you have already expressed interest in these, and I just  wanted 
let everyone know that I did get them and will give you first choice, but  
there should be plenty for everyone who wants some. I'll probably charge about  
$10.00 per pair for the largest ones, $8.00 a pair for the smaller ones and  
$5.00 a pair for the low voltage bushings, plus shipping costs. I only got the  
ones that looked free from any chips and cracks, and that had the hardware with 
 them. I'm not sure if they are new, but they look like they have never been 
in  oil. 

Tony Greer
Lubbock, Texas  

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