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ok. I just wasn't sure if there were any benifits to disconnecting it from the core. 
i am assuming that to run 2 together to get about 4kv i should connect the cores together. giving me 2 HV outs. should I connect the primary's in series or parallel.  i already know about how to match the phase by reversing a primary input in necessary.
Before i do that though i have to find a way to put these in oil.  any suggections for a container that could be sealed up nicely. with the help of epoxy or something else.

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> Should what be removed? Do you mean remove the HV winding, or remove the core 
> connection? 
> Regardless, don't remove either one of them. Just leave the MOT alone and take 
> your HV off the single HV lug. This worked for the magnetron tube supply in the 
> oven, and it will work for you too. The return path is through chassis ground to 
> the MOT core. A picture is worth 1000 words, so see my MOT schematic: 
> http://hot-streamer.com/greg/MOT_chat.htm 
> No need to re-engineer your MOTs. They can drive your vacuum tube or tubes just 
> as they are. 
> Greg 
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> > ok. so leave everything alone. sounds good to me. 
> > What is the best way to connect everything together for TC 
> > use? I noticed that one of the HV windings is connected to 
> > the core. should that be removed. 
> > 
> > thanks, 
> > Jay Howson 
> > 
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