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Hey Jay...

In most instances, more than 1 MOT is used to power a T-Coil, usually 2 or 4 and in some cases, others have used up to either 6 or 8 ( I dont recall the total # at this point) . In general, the primary windings are wired up in paralell and the secondaries are wired in series to increase total output voltage. Generally the cores are isolated in some manner to prevent the voltage gradient from becoming to great with the increased voltage produced by wiring the secondaries in series.

Since I dont do MOTS, I would wait to see what others who do have experience with MOT's would have to say on this matter....

Scot D

jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

ok.  so leave everything alone. sounds good to me.
What is the best way to connect everything together for TC use? I noticed that one of the HV windings is connected to the core. should that be removed.

Jay Howson

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