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ok.  so leave everything alone. sounds good to me.
What is the best way to connect everything together for TC use? I noticed that one of the HV windings is connected to the core. should that be removed.

Jay Howson

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> Hey Jay... 
> If you removed the shunts of the MOT's, you will increase the current 
> output of the transformer BUT you will also increase the saturation 
> values of the transformer core material thus leading to hi input current 
> usage and rather hot running transformers. 
> MOT's are designed to be running at their max value with minimum 
> physical design, they are not over engineered ( most likely under 
> engineered and on the verge of failure). 
> In most cases the filament winding is left disconnected but left in 
> place. When trying to remove it from the transformer, one can damage the 
> secondary windings quite easily... If there is no load applied to the 
> filament winding, there is no ( or so very little) current used by that 
> winding... 
> Scot D 
> jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> >Hello all, 
> >I just got 2 large MOTS and I noticed that they have some magnetic shunts in 
> between the primary and secondary coils. my question is what happens if i were 
> to remove them. Also whats the best way to get rid of the filament coil. it is 
> wedged inbetween the secondary and shunts pretty good and i dont think that i 
> can get it out? 
> > 
> >thanks, 
> >Jay Howson 
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