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Whether to remove the shunts depends on the nature of the project.
For example if you want to get 24" sparks from a single MOT with
level shifting for a VTTC, you may have to remove the shunts.
However removing the shunts will make the MOT saturate at
a lower voltage, but supply more current.  For my dual 833A
VTTC, I used a single MOT with shunts removed for a 24" spark.
It is usually pretty easy to pull out the filament winding, but
I guess in some MOT's they are firmly glued in place.  You
can just leave it there but don't let the ends short together.
If you're using the MOT's for a spark gap coil, then that's another

I you remove shunts, you have to be very careful to not damage
the windings.  In some MOT's this is easier than in others.


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Hello all,
I just got 2 large MOTS and I noticed that they have some magnetic shunts in between the primary and secondary coils. my question is what happens if i were to remove them. Also whats the best way to get rid of the filament coil. it is wedged inbetween the secondary and shunts pretty good and i dont think that i
can get it out?

Jay Howson
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