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Re: [TCML] Odd VTTC Streamer Behavior

Would the tube still continue to work after this?  Are these tube arcs
subtle or is it pretty apparent when it's occuring?

I suppose I could try the spare 833A I have, if it behaves the same
past 105V then I can assume something else is wrong.

On 21/10/2008, futuret@xxxxxxx <futuret@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> This flashover may have damaged the tube.  Sometimes you can
> look into the top of an 833A tube and see if any of the grid
> wires are mis-aligned from arc-over damage in the tube.  In other
> words, the external grid coil arc- over may have led to an internal
> tube arc-over
> also.
> John
> What still disappoints me is that I had it throwing off 34" sparks very
> consistently.  Then I started playing with the grid resistance.  I
> turned
> the resistance down to see what would happen, and unfortunately what
> happened was a flash-over that destroyed my grid coil.
>> I do like your give me more attitude. It will serve you well. But I
> am not
>> suprised at all that your having some issues as this system is only
> been
>> tried by a couple people to my knowledge besides yourself. Keep up
> the good
>> work and keep sparking.
>> Garry Neeley
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