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Re: [TCML] Odd VTTC Streamer Behavior

This flashover may have damaged the tube.  Sometimes you can
look into the top of an 833A tube and see if any of the grid
wires are mis-aligned from arc-over damage in the tube.  In other
words, the external grid coil arc- over may have led to an internal tube arc-over


What still disappoints me is that I had it throwing off 34" sparks very
consistently. Then I started playing with the grid resistance. I turned
the resistance down to see what would happen, and unfortunately what
happened was a flash-over that destroyed my grid coil.

I do like your give me more attitude. It will serve you well. But I
am not
suprised at all that your having some issues as this system is only
tried by a couple people to my knowledge besides yourself. Keep up
the good
work and keep sparking.
Garry Neeley
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