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Re: [TCML] SISG First Light

piranha wrote:
Sounds like all is going very well!!
The IGBTs I used were the biggest I could easily get since nobody knew what the limits were. It is not surprising at all that smaller IGBTs can be used.
Glad to hear the SISG is getting around now!!

Best Regards,

Yes, it is going very well. It did take a ridiculous long time for me to get it fired up. I think I was building the flat coil (Tesla 1/2 scale replica) at the time I started this (and that's another project awaiting a firing). I'm glad to have finally made it to the point of firing off the SISG. The SISG works flawlessly. This is my first solid state coil and it's great to see the SISG performing so well. I'm about ready to run it again for a night cap.

Thanks for all you've done,
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