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RE: [TCML] Rebuilt Terry filter ?

Using 1K instead of 3K resistors will result in the filter wasting (burning off as heat) LESS power, so that's a good thing.

I also use a pair of 500pF doorknob caps in my Terry filter.  The pF value used is not critical and either value is fine.  If you wanted to split hairs, higher capacitance might be argued to waste more power (bad), while it would also result in more RF attenuation on the part of the filter (good).  But neither of these differences is significant.

I like the doorknob caps, as they're more compact, plus they have a cool look about them.  http://www.laushaus.com/tesla/protection.htm  While doorknob caps may or may not be OK for high-current tank caps, they are just fine for low-current bypass caps.

The MOV's are definitely a worthwhile addition, provided that you use the correct number based on your NST voltage.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hello,
> I was planning on rebuilding my Terry filter,  the one I made doesn't have
> the MOVs on it and It's using 3Kohm resistors instead of 1Kohm.  Would
> changing the resistors make much on a difference?
> Also I'm using 500 pF doorknob caps and I've heard that they are more likely
> around 300 pF, so I was planning on changing them out to a string of small
> (size and voltage) cap.  My existing filter works, I've used it many times
> but it could be built better.  Does this make sense?
> It does have an adjustable safety gap.
> I was going to buy a kit from this guy on ebay, I assume he's on tesla list
> Any input,
> Thanks
> Shaun
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