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Re: [TCML] Coil pics & many thanks

Andrew -
Very nice workmanship!
I don't know where you currently have your primary tapped, but if you have a few turns still available you might consider going to a larger toroid. Your current toroid may be a little small, and you should be able to squeeze a little more arc length out of the coil with a larger toroid.
If your MMC consists of (10) 1600V capacitors per string, the "nominal" voltage rating is only 16,000V. The peak voltage delivered by your 15KV NST is actually over 21KV (assuming no higher than 115 VAC input), so your MMC theoretically has a negative safery margin for voltage. Even if you see lots of "action" at your safety gaps, be very careful about opening them up beyond the point where they breakdown with only the NST connected. Additional tuning adjustments may help reduce arcing at the safety gap.
Your photos clearly show the construction details, but there may be a typo or two in the MMC section. It looks like your MMC utilizes 50 caps, not 60, and I'm sure that the value of the individual caps is not 28uF. If you duplicated Terry Fritz' early MMC design with Panasonic ECW-H16563JV capacitors, each cap is rated at .056uF, and your (5) strings of (10) capacitors each yields a total MMC value of .028uF.
Herr Zapp

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From: Andrew Nettles <anettles@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [TCML] Coil pics & many thanks
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008, 9:05 PM

I finally got an album together of my first 6" coil if anyone's
interested.  It's a lot of construction pics (including variac brush repair)
& a couple of videos of the finished coil.  I put the album together mostly
for people who don't know a thing about coils so some of the captions
probably explain a lot of stuff you already know.  I tried to document all the
construction steps but I can't seem to hang on to my camera :(
Thanks to many people who gave me advice through the list, have excellent
websites, & answer emails.  I don't want to neglect to mention anyone
but especially Gary Lau, Ritchie Burnett, Terry Fritz (among many things I
blatantly ripped off his cap design), John Freau, Bart (JavaTC Rulez), Alan
Majernick for the Oriental reaction motor & super cool rotor, and Bill Noble
for helping out with the variac.
Feedback of any kind would be great.
Hopefully I will be able to permanently set it up somewhere soon - right now
it's in someone else's shop & it's kinda hard for me to get time
to play with it.  Sure is fun though.
- Andrew_______________________________________________
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