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[TCML] Re:New Tesla Coil

Thank you alot for the help on the MOTs much appreciated!Im working with salt water caps in salt water(No aluminium foil)So I want to try the mots with a bit of a disadvantage compared to any other type.But thats ok because Ill use my 75mm by 750mm secondary wound with .8mm so handling current shouldent be a train smash I hope,and it was very cool lightning with a differince and lots of forks so Im hoping to drive it harder with a rotary spark gap and Yes I respect MOTs very much I know about them for a long time and tvs and the hardest thump was from two mots and I never screamed just relaxed for a while thought about what just happened and looked around at the mess in my room with the mots still running by my feet!Dead man switch comes to mind!Regards Gareth ps I loved to take two microwave caps in parallel and use a telefunken tripler on one side of the mot Hv to charge the caps till they overload and fire a nice Fat spark between the termemals and the sound was so loud it ecos like a 12 gage shotgun! Safe Coiling. 
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