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[TCML] MMC building - some questions



I am now building my MMC. From previous JavaTC calculation, I need about
0.013 uF to reach resonance. Since I am using CDE capacitors 

942C20P15K-F (2000Vdc 0.15 uF) I would need a single string of 11 caps to
reach 0.013 uF and have a (recommended) voltage rating of 22kV.


Since 1/Ctotal =1/C1+1/C2+... 1/C11 I have 


1/Ctotal = 11/Cn = 0.0136 uF


The question is: can I put ONE extra cap in parallel with another within the
string to tweak the total capacitance if needed? In effect, one cap in the
string becomes a larger cap, with twice the value at 0.3 uF


1/Ctotal = 1/C1+1/C2+. 1/C11 with say, C1= 0.3 uF and the others at 0.15 uF


Then 1/Ctotal = 0.01428 uF


A small sketch is here:





Could this be an easy way to tweak my tank cap value, adding caps in
parallel to caps in the initial string to a max possible of 0.027 (which is
equivalent to two strings in parallel)


Many thanks



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