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Re: [TCML] Big VTTC Suggestions Wanted


    I wrote:

Incidentally, a lower frequency VTTC ( 150kHz - 200kHz) is easier on the
tank cap.

On Oct 2, 2008, at 10:08 PM, Phillip Slawinski wrote:
Oh really, why is that?


A specific dielectric constant is dependent upon heat, voltage, frequency and other parameters. As the frequency increases less voltage is required to produce corona ( "Electrical Coronas Their Basic Physical Mechanism", LOEB) Consequently a sinusoidal high voltage V at frequency f will generate more heat and corona in a capacitor than V at frequency f' where f > f'.

So at high voltages and high frequencies corona increases and so does heat causing a lowered dielectric constant and potentially total break down. This is a simplified explanation of a complex process, but sufficient to get the idea. Certain capacitors like mica, RF ceramics, and extended foil polypropylene resist breakdown. Corona is suppressed by oil in the Maxwell pulse capacitors plus using the proper dielectric and high voltage construction.

John W. G.

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