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Re: [TCML] Im going to try relax a bit.

Hi Gareth,

Glad your here. Text talk via phone will be difficult. BTW, yes I did realize your "spelling" of Arc Angel (if you wondered). I may even refer to you as the "Arc Angel", but first, we need "more power" in the sparks for the name to fit.

Others are better at MOT's than I (I've ran only a 2 MOT system, but long ago, so memory is lacking).

Regarding your rotary gap: Your highest prediction of 2500 rpm with 8 electrodes is 333 bps. No problem. To make a better longer sparking coil, build a bigger coil (between 4:1 and 5:1 h/d) and with a diameter above 4". Keep the turns from 800 to 1300 and use the wire diameter which accompanies these parameters for close-wound coils, and you'll have a good coil capable of sparks much longer than your little coil.

BTW, can you view web pages or pdf files with your phone? If yes, here is a schematic of an excellent running coil that is only 4.5"D x 21"L using an NST.

Here is a link to photo's of this coil.

Take care,
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