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RE: [TCML] Big VTTC Suggestions Wanted

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Some snippage//// 

Hi Phillip, Matching the tube to the load is the 1st problem I tackled.
The tickler coil requires some tweaking to find the necessary negative
pulse amplitude to shut the toob off. The grid-leak components also will
require tweaking. The current through the tube is controlled with the GL
resistor. Measure cathode current, set with GL resistor. Cap sets the
time constant. I have a bunch of the mica transmitting caps. I arrange
these in various parallel-series groups to get the desired capacitance
to set the necessary primary frequency. The Q of the secondary is very
high (dominant fundamental). Frequency splitting is going to occur, so
the primary frequency is set a little low. After the power rises to a
certain level, it changes frequency to the fundamental. I generally
graph the frequency vs the spark length to find best performance. I also
have a nice triggered o'scope,  Tektronix HV probe, spectrum analyzer
and a 37XR multimeter. All this makes it fun to see what's "going on". I
also like to use WinTesla and/or JavaTC to get an idea of how things are
going to work.

	John, I didn't post, but I really liked your idea for the
pancake tickler coil. Cleans it up a lot. A little harder to tweak, but
cool. Later, James  

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