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[TCML] Im going to try relax a bit.

Hi guys     Tesla Coils are too addictive to leave Tesla mailing lists.I will re-think all my mail before sending them.  My Nst died a few days ago(Rip.) I now want to really make power and I have a few years of expericance with mots in other experiments so I have 5 of them,I will use 4 plus one for a inductive ballast on 250V mains max we handel is 20amp limit to our plugs .They are class 220,Gal-700E-3s and 2s Im not sure of how much power they are but most of our microwaves are 300mA and 600mA. Can someone tell me how much power those models might be rated at I got a feeling they would push around 3.6KVA at 14amp draw?? I have another question.I have a rotary spark gap that spins at around 2000 to 2500 rpm with eight points of contact.Is it fast enough or can I add a series spark gap?I need maximum transfer into my primary as I can get.I dont have money to make filters and we dont have capacitors in south africa more than 60V so Ill stick to salt water for now,so I want to run them Raw and Aggressively but with alot of Power!I need to just throw it together because we are leaving for the Uk very soon.                                      Would someone be able to give some advice and also my tank circuit must charge AC not dc.  Thanks for your patience, Gareth
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