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Re: [TCML] Insulating the primary coil

Certainly. I use only 0.125" thick for this type of application and it has worked flawlessly. The thicker it is, the harder it is to work with and the price gets ridiculously high. I'm on a budget like everyone else here and I started with the thin stuff simply due to cost. But it has performed excellent, so I see no need to go thicker (from my own experience). Had the price been affordable for the thicker 1/4" stuff, I would have likely purchased it. However, being a penny pincher, I've found even the 1/8" thick sheet is adequate for the purpose and very easy to cut circles in.

Makes great end caps and even internal baffles quick and easy for any form size. I have even gone as far as using a 36" aluminum ruler. There are drilled holes in that ruler at various points along it's length. Funny to look at, but each hole drilled in that ruler is a bit of my personal history with coils.

Take care,

david baehr wrote:
Hi, how important is the 'Thickness' of the plex ? would 3/16" be enough
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