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Re: [TCML] Insulating the primary coil

Place a Plexiglas disc on top of the primary and don't use a ring. I've however only done that on one coil. But even with a Plexiglas disc on top of the primary and overhanging the outer rim, strikes can still find their way to it or the wire attaching to the primary (right through any wire insulation). I don't get any strikes through the Plexiglas. If you have a coil that has enough power to get down to the primary but not quite enough to get to the floor, it's real easy to hit the primary often.

BTW Steve, cutting a circle out of Plexiglas is easy. I use an aluminum flat bar (about 1/4" thick by 1"wide and maybe 14" long). I drilled a hole in one end for a shoulder bolt. This end mounts in a hole in the center of the Plexiglas which the bar pivots at. Along the opposite end of the bar I drill a 1/4" hole at the radius of the circle I want, then pounded in a scribe. The scribe is actually a punch for removing bolts when the head was broken off (forgot the name of this, but it has 4 sides which end in a point). I put this "scribe" to a bench grinder and sharpened the end to a very sharp point. Anyway, I then simply scribe a channel into the Plexiglas at the radius desired (both sides of the Plexiglas). It then is easy to snap off the excess around the circle. I know they probably have tools for this, but it's easy enough to make your own. Works great. The largest circle I've cut is about 24" and the smallest is about 5". Obviously for a primary disc, cut the outer circle then an inner circle about 1/2" larger diameter than the secondary diameter so you can slide it down the secondary and let it rest on the primary.

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Stephen J. Hobley wrote:
What is the current wisdom on insulating the primary coil? Does this help to reduce strikes on the primary? Or is it much better to leave the coil exposed and add a strike rail? Thanks,
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