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Re: [TCML] Is it really important to dry the PVC pipe?

If you don't sand it, which is fine, be sure to wipe out the interior as
well.  Small rag on a wooden dowel works good.

I usually use 6 coats of Dolph's AC-43 on the exterior as opposed to the
poly which can yellow and crack with time.

Also, Steve W. uses the Envirotex heavy coating, using a heat gun to remove
the bubbles as he applies it.  Makes a beautiful 1/2 inch thick (or more)
insulation that seems to dissipate any strikes forcing them to use
capacitive coupling to bring any energy thru to sec coil.  This prevents any
spots in the sec is ever struck.  Extremely high gloss due to it's

Dr. Resonance

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 5:23 AM, <gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I usually buy new PVC pipe so it is fairly clean and has been kept inside
> at Home Depot or Lowe's.  I use Acetone to wipe off the blue ink on the
> outside.  Not sure the ink would be a problem I just want my coils to be all
> white with no blue ink writing on the sides.  I never dry my PVC I have read
> some people dry it in the oven but I never do.  I wind my coil on the lathe
> then paint it with polyurethane after the poly dries I paint it 1 more time.
>  Thats about it they all work fine.  I think the oil on my hands from
> touching the PVC pipe is worse than moisture so I ware gloves and the
> Acetone is good to wipe away the skin oil.
> Gary Weaver
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> >  This topic has been discussed many times and has always puzzled me.
> >Over the years I've built a number of Van de Graaf generators, large and
> >small, some of which used PVC columns of verious types. I have always
> >washed them with soap and water at the beginning and dried them with a
> >towel and then a hair dryer. After that I've never seen real evidence of
> >the reduced column resistance and output which I'd expect if the things
> >were absorbing much moisture. The only times I've had to "refurbish" the
> >columns has been after extended running which dust accumulated inside
> >and resulted in internal sparking. A repeat of the soap and water plus
> >drying restores them. So, question:
> >
> >Is a TC more susceptible to the effects of moisture in the coil form
> >than the VDG? Seems hard to believe consdidering the difference in power
> >levels.
> >
> >Ed
> >
> >This question is unrelated to the coating of a finished winding to hold
> >the windings in place and provide additional insulation. That's a
> >different matter entirely.
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