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Re: [TCML] Insulating the primary coil

Hi Scott,

Glad you mentioned Lexan/Plexiglas sheets with "some" success. It actually does well to prevent strikes, but unless the primary is completely covered around the outer edge, then even the outer edge will get hit when the strike curves around the sheet. Of course, the outer rim of the primary is usually the point of attack anyway.

This photo shows the type of hits to prevent (this is with no sheeting):

This photo shows the type of hit that can still occur with sheeting (again no sheeting, but obvious that sheeting won't help this):

I've since placed a sheet of Plexiglas over the primary (simply rest on top of it) and primary strikes are very seldom (with no other changes including tuning). I don't have any photo's of it running with the sheet (sorry). This is a small coil. But for a larger coil twice the size, I've built a ribbon primary (nice and compact) and I'll likely enclose it in Plexiglas (I like it that much). I wasn't sure about it until I actually gave it a try.

Take care,

bunnykiller wrote:
Hey Steve...

As far as insulating the primary itself, there is really no need to do so except for the mounting methods. If secondary strikes are your concern, then a strike rail would be one of the better choices. Adjusting toroid height can affect the field somewhat and change streamer direction to a degree, but that isnt even gaurenteed.... Some coilers have gone as far as placing Lexan/Plexiglas sheets over the primary to reduce the potential of a secondary/primary strike with some sucsess...

Scot D

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