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Re: [TCML] Re: Real homebrew


Check follow Eimac (CPII / Econco) website:


Largest PGT commercially available with useful
service as amplifiers or power oscilators
(versus switch tubes) are triodes:

8973 (1.0MW +)
8974 (2.1MW+)

or tetrode 4CM2500KG at a whopping (2.8MW)

Power outputs as listed at website and based
on typical Po (to tank or load is not specified).

All tubes listed above are water or water/vapor
cooled.  There maybe larger tubes available
from other suppliers (Thomson, Amperex,
Toshiba comes to mind).

Be aware the tube cost is trivial compared to
infrastructure to operate.  The 8974, 10 years
ago, had a price tag of $250K (US) and is very
likely much higher today.  Any tube with an
anode rating of arguably 50kW and up will
require either a dedicated MCC (motor control
center) or substation to power it and 
associated auxiliaries, if powering to thermal 
and electrical limits.

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS
Chesterfield, VA. USA

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From: "Ben Sneath" <bsneath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > For those of us who think we would like to make every part
> > of our coils, this guy takes some beating, anyone want to
> > make a high power
> > version?http://g8cye.fortunecity.com/html/homebrew.html
> build your own 833's?
> you could cast an anode 1' x 1' out of iron and have a valve
> rated at 100kva...
> just a pitty that one would need a induction heater to
> finish the construction of it...
> on that note, what is the biggest valve ever made rated
> at...
> ben
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