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RE: [TCML] Re: Real homebrew

This has been discussed in various other groups for a while but people keep
reposting it rather than linking to the source page - The guy's own site is
at http://paillard.claude.free.fr/ - he is a true artiste - a craftsman in
many fields. There are other videos of interest on his site too - for those
that don't do French, use Google or similar to translate it (there is a link
at the top of his page).

The site has caused interest in both tube audio and in the nixie world,
specifically because in the nixie world we are (and have been for a while)
looking at ways to make new nixies - we have a member in Poland who has made
some very promising custom tubes with excellent results, though he doesn't
use mercury doping which will result in his tubes having a fairly short
(relatively) life span (though the definition of life-span for a nixie is
also a moot point!).



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> > For those of us who think we would like to make every part
> > of our coils, this guy takes some beating, anyone want to 
> make a high 
> > power version?http://g8cye.fortunecity.com/html/homebrew.html
> build your own 833's?
> you could cast an anode 1' x 1' out of iron and have a valve 
> rated at 100kva... just a pitty that one would need a 
> induction heater to finish the construction of it... on that 
> note, what is the biggest valve ever made rated at...
> ben
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