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Re: [TCML] Re: Real homebrew

> For those of us who think we would like to make  every part
> of our coils, this guy takes some beating, anyone want  to
> make a high power
>  version?http://g8cye.fortunecity.com/html/homebrew.html

build your own  833's?
you could cast an anode 1' x 1' out of iron and have a valve
rated  at 100kva...
just a pitty that one would need a induction heater to
finish  the construction of it...
on that note, what is the biggest valve ever made  rated


Hi Ben, 
I don't know if it's a record, but this is probably  close:

PT1120 Broadband Klystron 2.85-3.05 GHz, 1000 kW 
If you're talking the glass vacuum tube type that  might work for a TC, I 
remember about 50 years ago seeing an RCA single-tube  oscillator that was rated 
45 kW CCA. I don't remember the number except it was  4-digit and I think it 
was a 5xxx.
Matt D.

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