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Re: [TCML] laminations

In a message dated 3/26/08 2:24:21 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
neal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Thank you everyone for your input on laminations. From a transformer  
standpoint, it was just a matter of curiosity for me, but from a practical  
standpoint, I am more curious about its applications in ballasting. For  the 
moment I've been experimenting with ballasting mots with mots, but  down the 
road I hope to get a pole pig eventually. But before I do, I want  to have 
the necessary parts in place to be able to control the pig.  Getting back to 
mot's, though, what kind of amperage can one expect to be  able to push 
through a mot, safely, before things go up in  smoke?
You might try limiting to not over 2X oven rating. 800  W=  1600/120 <13 A,
 1 KW = 2000/120 < 16 A, 2 KW = 4000/120 < 32  A etc. 
Oil immersion allows more.
Matt D.
(Many folks go with 80-90% of what burned up their last one)  ;^)))

 I think before I go too much bigger I'll have to run a new line  to my 
 Right now it's fed through a 15 amp breaker, though I can push it  for a 
couple/few seconds at 20ish amps before tripping. 
 Thanks again for your help and  info,


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