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Re: [TCML] Almost there... MMC

Erms x 2.5  is very good and you will not have cap failures.

These are all wired in series, but you don't have enough.  Operating them
with a 12 kV transformer will stress them and they will begin to fail over
time.  Bad part is, as a cap starts to fail, becomes shorted, then the
stress increases on all the remaining caps in the series.

I recommend at least 16 caps wired in series for a rating of .0125 uF, 32 kV
per string.  With a 12 kV transformer you would use two strings in parallel,
so you need 32 MMC caps, not 12.

If you fire me an email off-list I can email you some photos showing what an
MMC cap bank looks like.

Dr. Resonance

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 8:57 PM, Stephen J. Hobley <shobley@xxxxxxxxxx>

> In the TC parts kit I ordered there are 12 capacitors - each one is
> 0.15mf 2000V. I also have a big bag of 10Meg 1/2 Watt bleeder resistors.
> How do I go about choosing a wiring configuration? Serial/parallel
> etc...
> The more sites I read, the more options there seem to be, and the more
> confused I get.
> I'm starting to work with the Tesla map program, and although it's
> really good with numbers, it's not so good at answering my questions :-)
> This is the last piece of the puzzle; any help in slotting it into place
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Steve
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